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Our journey started first with an Ask Valor Masterminds group page on Facebook.  The purpose of the group is to bring business owners together from all industries to talk with each other about topics like Marketing, Online Marketing, SEO,  Social media, Videos, Business Plans, Accounting, Bookkeeping, Cybersecurity, Business Law and other topics they'd want to talk about.

With that our Ask Valor Masterminds podcast was born to bring on guest speakers or guru's on those topics to share their knowledge. We look forward to bringing guest speakers that will share some tips to help you with your business.

If you have suggestions or would like to be a guest speaker please send an email to

May 23, 2023

Are you struggling to achieve your business growth goals? Do you feel like you're lacking a clear plan to get there? In this podcast, our guest Machen MacDonald will walk you through the process of creating a compelling acceleration plan that will help you achieve your company's goals with focused intent.

 First, we'll...

May 5, 2023

Do you find yourself constantly overwhelmed and stressed out?

In this podcast episode, we'll provide you with practical tips to help you with the following: 

  1. Manage your time more effectively
  2. Take time for yourself 
  3. Cultivate positive thoughts

 All of which can help you reduce stress in both your personal and...

Apr 18, 2023

As businesses are adapting to the new normal, marketing strategies must also adjust to the changes brought about by the pandemic.

In this podcast episode, we discuss effective marketing techniques that can help businesses thrive in a post-COVID world. We cover topics such as:

  1. Marketing
  2. Websites 
  3. Content 
  4. Traditional...

Feb 14, 2023

Are you a business owner looking to strengthen your company's culture? Learn how to build a great company culture by design. This engaging and educational podcast episode with our guest Nichole Frandanisa will walk you through what is needed to create a culture that will improve morale and productivity.

You'll learn how...

Jan 17, 2023

Learn how John Wetmore teaches his team at Family First Life Agent Force to remove their emotions when selling and how it leads to more sales.

A few of our takeaways you will learn:

1. Selling is a numbers game

2. Think of phone calls and appointments as money being earned

3. Getting past the no's is getting you closer...