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Our journey started first with an Ask Valor Masterminds group page on Facebook.  The purpose of the group is to bring business owners together from all industries to talk with each other about topics like Marketing, Online Marketing, SEO,  Social media, Videos, Business Plans, Accounting, Bookkeeping, Cybersecurity, Business Law and other topics they'd want to talk about.

With that our Ask Valor Masterminds podcast was born to bring on guest speakers or guru's on those topics to share their knowledge. We look forward to bringing guest speakers that will share some tips to help you with your business.

If you have suggestions or would like to be a guest speaker please send an email to

Apr 12, 2022

What does it mean to build bridges with values? Matt Mersino helps break this down by answering the following questions.

1. How someone's values are important to the people you hire and having values is more important than skills.

2. How do we keep the best people together to grow a business.

3. How can businesses create strong teams.

4. What is the difference between your personal values and company values and could they be one in the same.

Have more questions about values that weren't answered in this podcast? Make sure you reach out to Matt Mersino on LinkedIn or visit his website for more info

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